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Welcome to the Site for Habitat for Humanity of Ogle County Inc. where every hand and heart makes a difference!  Through our organization we build strength, stability, self-reliance, and shelter. In doing so, we empower the partner families we work with.

Habitat for Humanity of Ogle County was officially approved as an affiliate in Feb 2002.  Since that time we have been building homes in Oregon, Byron, Polo, Mt. Morris, Forreston and began work on a home in Rochelle in 2017.
Habitata for Humanity of Ogle County

Habitat for Humanity of Ogle County Habitat for Humanity of Ogle CountyHabitat for Humanity of Ogle County

Habitat for Humanity of Ogle County

    Habitat for Humanity of Ogle County held its annual Prime Rib Dinner Fundraiser event on May 5, 2017  - a Success thanks to many in the Ogle County community!

This year the event was held in Rochelle where a new home is being built for Derek and April Price and their 3 children.  The fundraiser was attended by over 125 people and provided new entertainment, enjoyed by young and old!

 As our affiliate progresses in the building of the Price family’s home, we hope you will consider volunteering and helping this family achieve their dream of homeownership.  Our volunteers, who are central to our mission,  help build stability through shelter for our partner families.  We are excited to be building in Rochelle this year and look forward to partnering with more businesses and individuals from Ogle county.  

If you would like to donate volunteer hours or materials towards the 2017 Rochelle build please contact Vanessa White-Broome, Executive Director, at 815 440 6598.  To make a donation,  payable to Habitat for Humanity of Ogle County, donations can be sent to PO BOX 628, Oregon, IL 61061 or you can donate on our site using PAYPAL;  to inquire about joining our Builders Club for $30.00 please call Vanessa at 815 440 6598.  

ALSO -  Watch for upcoming info on our site so you can TO SAVE THE DATE for our Prime Rib Dinner in 2018, and our upcoming fundraiser to be held in October 2017 in Polo.

Habitat for Humanity of Ogle CountyIf you are interested in getting involved with our newest build for the Derek and April Price family which began 4/22/17 please contact Vanessa at 8154406598 or email vanessawhite82@yahoo.com. Derek and April have 3 children, and are looking forward to moving into their new Rochelle home in the later part of 2017.

Habitat for Humanity of Ogle County

“This is my house”

If I hadn’t found Habitat, we would still be in that one-bedroom apartment. And

it wasn’t the best of conditions.

There was an old electric stove, and depending on what you were doing, you’d get shocked. The dryer was always going out, and we had to hang clothes all over the house. It seemed really quiet when we were looking for a place, but then over time, there was a lot of violence. There was actually a homicide in our building. It’s those things that put a lot of stress on people, and we were definitely feeling that.

I didn’t think I was going to qualify. But they considered that a need: four people in one bedroom, having the issues that we were having.

 I had no idea that I was capable of doing a lot of the things we ended up doing.

I loved it.

For almost a year, I was working seven days a week, plus doing sweat equity. Depending on my shifts, I would work a morning shift, then go to the Habitat ReStore and work an evening shift there. Monday through Friday, I took Habitat classes in the evening, and I put in my construction hours on the weekends, every Saturday possible.

While constructing the house, I got to know my neighbors. We built each other’s homes, and you can’t get much closer than that.

The biggest difference overall is that general sense of security. Just knowing that it’s ours, and we make all the decisions — it’s been really comforting for our family.

I think the kids knowing that they won’t have to move is very comforting. We’ve made a lot of moves over the years — 13, in fact.

I know my son really appreciates having his room. Having his space, his own room — he really likes it a lot. He’s trying to convince me to turn the basement into a room, which I don’t know if I’m keen on yet. But it’s definitely a possibility. Just knowing that we have possibilities, it’s really awesome.

You know, I think I was more scared buying a car than buying the house.

And the only reason for that was Habitat for Humanity. I feel really comforted knowing that, if anything were to happen, Habitat would work with me. So I didn’t feel scared, just willing.

When I went to sign all the official paperwork, and they hand you the real keys and the title and everything, that’s when I was like, “This is happening.

This is now my house, and these are my keys.” We moved in right away, that next weekend, and even with boxes all over the place it felt like, “This is my house.”

Lindsay, Habitat homeowner

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